Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October Already!!

I can't believe how quickly September went by. We officially have our first month down of Kindergarten. Karlie seems to like school and all of the activities. She is not to keen on the waking up in the morning, definitely her mother's daughter lol. Things have been a little hectic and busy but hopefully things will wind down soon. There is never enough time in the day.

I'm taking a shot at a chance to join a wonderful creative team One Little Word. Here's there web site if you want to check them out. Hopefully my submission will be to their liking (We'll see). Also on the scrap front we have another challenge on SIS TV for project Catwalk. That should be FUN but I'm a little nervous. I have a couple of classes coming up at Hearts and Crafts scrapbook store this month. One is How to make your own flowers from different techniques and the other is a mini Halloween album I hope to have pics up soon. Well all else is well here. I hope everyone has a good productive day. :)

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