Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Week's Half Over

I actually got a couple of things done this week yeah!!!
First one is a frame I'm making for my mom for mother's day shhh don't tell lol!!! I haven't decided on a picture yet. The little roses on it were from michael's made by prima. they were a pale pink and I used MR mist to dye them ..WOW I love their mist!! and those little perfect roses.

This LO was made for Core'dinations ColorCore Cardstock DT call. I have tons of their paper so I figured why not try. I love how bright this turned out :)

Qman wanted to play golf on Easter :) The poor guy, the club was taller than he was.

So on to life, well besides work ummmm not much else here. I have been working only four days of week instead of five, the pay part stinks but I am going to be bummed if it comes to an end. I kind of like that extra day with the kids.

Ok I have to confess I watch America's Next Top Model. I love little Allison She reminds me of a blythe doll. She is so pretty and NICE. I don't know why but I'll even watch the all day marathons on Oxygen..... Karlie watches it with me. I have talked to her about that the outside beauty isn't the only thing they are being "tested" on. I try to stress to her that being a pretty person on the inside is more important. She already stares at herself in the mirror. I don't want her to grow up thinking that's the only thing that counts. She is getting her first award at school this Friday. Not sure what it is for yet, but you can bet I'll be there with a camera ready" :) She is such a funny little girl. She is my best friend.

I have a crop this friday, but I never get anything done when I go!!! I always get interrupted. Hopefully I will have a couple hours of design bliss :D I am design team coordinator for out LSS. So I get to get our kits together and think of a challenge for the month. We also go over everything for the month on Friday night as well. If any one has ideas let me know :) Well I hope everyone has a good rest of the week and happy crafting.


  1. Love your creations sweet friend!!! I saw those flowers at Michael's and now wish I would have picked them up after seeing what you did with them!!!! I so admire your wonderful talent! Have fun at your crop and I can't wait to see what you create!!!! Happy Thursday!!!!

  2. The LO's and the frame are GORGEOUS!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE those flowers on the frame...and KEEPING my fingers crossed for your DT tryout! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Beautiful LO's, I really like your blog and will be visiting again.
    xxx Peggy

  4. Thanks for the visit and comment! I am loving your frame, I've been on a big frame kick too lately! lol And hello, I love me some Top Model! lol It hasn't been as good as past cycles though. They hate commercial models, they love commercial models, Tyra's gone loco, lol. I still watch though! :P

  5. That frame is gorgeous girl! Love the mists too. =)

  6. You do beautiful work Jamie! Your mom is going to LOVE the frame!

  7. I have an idea for your design team....NO PAINT! ;P

  8. I Love your work and wanted to invite you to the Next Step Challenge.

    I want to thank your for visiting The next Step we appreciate your comment and hope to see you participate in the challenges. We are very excited to have you visit us!! Thanks again, Gayle