Thursday, May 14, 2009

Migraines Suck!!!

I hope none of you gets these. They suck!!! Like a hang over times 10. I have had a migraine since last night and nothing is helping. I get them every month, you know around the same time my "monthly gift" comes around. Well this one officially knocked me on my butt. I am disappointed because I was hoping to get my MLS entry in. But that's not going to happen. A Red Bull and Vicodin didn't even work. Caffeine usually helps but not this time. I left work early and hid in my dark cool bedroom, for about 3 hours. A little better. I have to thank DD Karlie for being such a good little girl today, and thank iCarly for being on TV.

I wanted to thank everyone for your nice and generous complements on my VP LO. It means so much :) I love doing the paper piecing thing. I think I may start doing it more often. And make a template for the bird if anyone is interested. Happy Thursday everyone.


  1. Oh yuck, I hate those! I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Hope U feel better soon my SUNDAY soon....U gotta help me remember to GO VOTE 4 U!!!!! LOL (Sorry....Sunday is such a busy day for me....soooooooooo U gotta help me remember!!!) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Bummer Jamie! Don't you love it though when the kids sense somethings wrong and they are angels??? Why can't they do that ALL the time!! Hugs to you, feel better soon!

  4. Oh Jamie, I know where you are...because I have the same thing and there are some days I just want to jump off a bridge from the pain!!!! Hoping that this goes away quickly......Just adore you sweetie!!! Feel better!

  5. I found your blog thru Maggi and when I read your post title,I had to respond.
    Yes,they do suck!!
    I get them once a month too.They use to last 5 full days with nothing to stop the pain.Then,one day they went down to 2 full days.Vicoden doesn't do it for me either,nor does my muscle relaxers.Infact,nothing has ever taken the pain away.It's been 2 yrs now.They thought it was caused by 4 herniated discs in my neck,but now thwy are telling me its inflamation pinching a nerve from a protruding disc in my spine...*sigh* Next week I get injections of cortiszone in my back/spine to see if it will stop them.ick!
    Good luck on yours,I feel for you!!

  6. Sorry about your migraine....btw, do you live in the Ramona that is in San Diego? We are moving there next month...we are in escrow right now. Love your bird paper piecing layout....the flowers especially!!

  7. Migraines are should talk to your doctor about them though...make sure that you don't need to regulate something...I am serious..I have had my share of medical classes, missy. p.s. you should totally submit to the Ad This would be great!

  8. I love the bird and would love to have the pattern. The page is just wonderful.

    From some one who has hand migraines for 25 years I totally understand. My daughter now has them.

    There are migraine medicines that work and do not drug you up like vikoden etc. Check them out with your doctor. They take about an hour to work, but the do erase the headache and your wil not be stuck in bed.

    My daughter takes a different medicine than me. Give them a chance if one does not work then try a different one. You can email me if you want. Hope that helps- Gayle