Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween fun :)

Well we had an different Halloween. Lance took Quentin to the river with him and my dad. Karlie spent the night with my mom on Friday night. I hung out with friends at a fun Halloween party. I made my mask and Karlie's for Halloween. Q had no costume.( We'll get back to that next year). Karlie, my aunt, her kids, and I went to one of the Grade Schools for a Halloween Carnival. Halloween night I took Karls around our neighborhood to get some candy and use out of her costume. That was our Halloween in a nutshell lol.

Q wasn't here but I couldn't help but post these pics :)

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Just awesome pics....the kiddos looked adorable and your mask was stunning and I love what you did with your eyes!!! One Hot Momma!!!! :-)

  2. Love the masks, and your makeup is so fun!

  3. LOVE your masks you have created!! I just found your blog and I am soooo inspired!!