Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Little Behind :P

I have been so insanely swamped lately. Life, crafts, life. LOL CHA is approaching and I am hot and heavy on some new Prima projects. Oh yes I am screaming like a little school girl LOL. The kids are spending a summer break week with my sister. She is an agricultural teacher at a high school in Calexico CA. She has the summer off and she loves her niece and nephew, so it works out perfect. ThaT means I will have a week of silence. WOW!! I'll miss them, I already do! But I know they are having fun and I can imagine they are enjoying a little time away from mom as well ;) I get calls twice or so a day. And they tell me their going ons. They got to check on mommy pigs yesterday at the school. All of them are like big puppy dogs. We were all raised around animals and raised our own. So it is no surprise my children love animals as well.

I also was working on Couture Cardstock projects. But as some of you may have noticed that I no longer have them under my DTs. The Company has changed hands and the DT is no longer. I would like to share a couple of LO I had made for CHA and ones I had made to make the DT. It really pushed me to use Cardstock as a primary base for my projects. But I was honored and thankful for the challenge.

The background on this LO is all stamped and inked. The stamp is a Prima stamp as is the leave stamp.

I hand cut and made the flowers on this.

These Los were going to be for CHA :(
Hehe see the little chain trailing away from the side of the pic? Do any of you remember making those in school out of gum rappers? My sister and I would make ones 10s of feet long. :) I got all nostalgic and such lol

Sorry the pics on this one are so bad. I made the little fish out of black and teal cardstock.

I look at this picture of Karlie and it weirds me out. She looks so much older in it. It makes my heart skip thinking how fast she is growing up. My peanut and best friend.

I have a video I am trying to upload but it is not cooperating so hopefully I will have it up tomorrow. It is a technique using glue and creating a rub-on/transfer.

P.S. I want to Thank my girl Chez for creating my awesome sigi.!!!! Thanks girl. Go check out her blog! She created her Blog LO !! She is a digi Masta!!!


  1. Great layouts - love that gum wrapper chain! Great pix of your children! Have a super week of creating!!!

  2. Wow...that's a bummer that the dt is now more for that company.....that is odd, why would the new owners do that????? Anywho...I loveeeeeeeeeee loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee your projects for them!!!! WOW WOW WOW!!! You AMAZE me!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. digi wizard babe ...WIZARD! hehehe

  4. So sad to hear about Couture :( We as consumers have lost a lot of awesome companies over the last 2 years.

    Your layouts are BREATHTAKING!!! I remember those gum wrapper chains, but compltely forget how to make them :( The shout out to the nostalgia certainly made me smile!

    I truly cannot pick a favorite because I love them ALL!!! Your talent and creativity runneth over girl!!! I feel so inspired! I wish I wasn't at work :(

  5. Your layouts are so fab! I'm blown away by how much texture you are getting out of simple cardstock!