Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Reuse/Repurpose Your Wood Stamps

In a recent Tattered Angels Posts I blogged about using Old wood mounted stamps in a project. I wanted to go into a little more depth of how I did it. I LOVE using Tattered Angels on wood. It shows up so vividly and covers easily. When you use it on unfinished wood It draws out the natural grain of the wood. So pretty, but back to my stamp project.

I started with some of course wood based stamps. I pulled the rubber stamp off., most were pretty old so they took little effort. Some I came back in with my Ranger Inc. little spatula tool and scrape the remaining foam off. There will still be the sticky adhesive left behind. I took some acetone and soaked the wood in it. Then went back in with my spatula (anything with a strong edge will work fine) and got as much of the adhesive off as I could. If you don't get it off 100% don't fret. It can add cool affects to your project. Don't worry about the labeled side of the stamp unless you plan on a two sided project.

You can see on the "e" block that there was a large square stamp on this stamp. The edge came out darker than the center.

Once the acetone is completely dry you can move onto your altering. I first took my Clear Tattered Angels stamps a stamped onto the blocks. I used a StazOn ink so that my image wouldn't run while spraying and painting. My next step is to take my Glimmer Glaze and Glimmer Glam and roughly painted it on like weathered wood. Odd up and down strokes. These will create a resist for the glimmer mist. The left over adhesive residue also creates a resist. To get a real antiqued look I didn't wait for the glaze/glam to completely dry. I waited until it was slightly tacky still. That way when I sprayed and dabbed the excess spray off with a paper towel it would also pick up the last spots of glaze that was still wet. On a couple of the blocks I went back over with another darker layer of glaze to antique them more. :) To draw on the letters I used a Sharpie Paint Pen. It went over the glaze and glam with no problems.

Colors used: Coffee Shop Glimmer Glaze: Cowboy, Flirty, Emerald Cove, Midnight Rendezvous Glimmer Glam: Rockin on Sunshine and Bordeaux Stamps used: Nature Field Notes, Grand Scale Garden Notes