Monday, September 24, 2012

Virtual Galley Walk

  Art and crafting go hand in hand. Both come from a place inside of us that cries for creativity. SO why not share this with others? Why not share the compassion others have for their projects? Why not share how the two aren't that different?

  I was asked by the lovely Liz Hicks to join a talented group of women on a Virtual Gallery Walk. An gallery/art walk is were a group of artists come together to share and showcase their work. Art walks are also a great way for people to sometimes meet with the artists to find out more about them and their work. This Virtual Gallery Walk will allow you to see work by artists you may never have the chance to meet in person but you will still be able to see how much passion they put into their work, where they find their inspiration, and what goes into creating their work. Make sure to follow up on this journey and stay tuned for the fun to begin.
  I have been working on one of the largest pieces I have ever created. A little bit on the scary side but art is about pushing boundaries and stepping outside of the box, keeping our creativity from going stale. I can't wait to share it with you and share all of the amazing art by the other artists joining us. 

Keep an eye out for this logo for more information. Until then check out everyone's blogs to see what they are currently working on. 

        Liz Hicks

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