Sunday, September 29, 2013

PanPastel Metallics!!!!

The amazing people at PanPastel sent me a few or their new Metallic Pastels to try out!!! A huge thank you!!! I had the pleasure of trying the Pewter, Bronze, and Rich Gold. They have three other colors available as well... Silver, Light Gold, and Copper, and I can't wait to get them!!

I was so thrilled to try out these new colors. They are just as amazing as the original PanPastels but they have a stunning shimmer to them. They can be used on their own or blended with other pastels.

The brilliance in the colors can be used on light colored papers or darker colored papers. You can see that you can get a soft look or a bright and bold pop of color depending on your surface.

I created a mixed media piece using the PanPastels on top of Dylusions sprays. 

Now before you use the pastels on top of the sprays I suggest using a workable fixative first. The fixative will protect your layers from blending together. Also the fixative with give tooth (grip) to the surface that will help the pastels move on the paper. 

One of many reasons I love PanPastels is that they do work so easily with other art mediums. You can layer them on so many different surfaces. 

I used the three metallics (Pewter,Rich Gold, and Bronze) with a few other PanPastel colors. (Burnt Sienna, black, Raw Umber Tint(white), and Burnt Sienna Extra Dark) The Rich Gold and Raw Umber Tint creates a beautiful highlight.

The stars were done with a Prima mask and the Pewter Metallic. 

Now if you haven't worked with PanPastels I strongly suggest you do. They are made of amazing quality, last quite a long time, and are true to color. I also suggest that you use the Sofft applicators with your PanPastels to get the most from your art medium. I've used others tools besides the Sofft tools and you don't get the same effects and results that you would with the Sofft tool. 

Now make sure to keep your eye out for the new metallics, you will definitely want to add them to your collection of art supplies. 

So what do you think of the new metallics? Are they a new must have? 

Happy Creating 



  1. I love this sooooo much. Soft, beautiful, elegant...and absolutely amazing!!!

  2. Gorgeous, so glad to see this, I have been looking at for about a month trying to decide if I needed (lol) them or not. Now I know I do. Love the colors in this piece.