Friday, January 30, 2015

Bloom Boy!! Oh My!!!

Bloom Boy!!!!!!!!! Say what!?!?!? 

I am so excited for this! Jamie's NEW Bloom Boy "Quentin" is so very handsome! He's a steampunk dream with gears, bow tie, monocle and the alway fun moustache! Lol! He is seriously so fun to color!!! 

I decided to use a technique I learned a while back at a mixed media journal class. It's so cool, using a paper bag and a few of your brown distress ink pads. You crumple up your brown paper bag getting lots and lots of crumples in it! ( Is "crumples" a word?!?! Lol!) Then I un-crumple it, laying it back as flat as it can. I take my favourite brown distress ink pads I drag them across the bag. The distress inks pick up and highlights all the creases in the bag, once the ink has dried, I then take Glossy Gel Medium and paint your bag covering it all. This adds a glossy look making your paper bag look like leather. I love it. Next I grabbed a piece of Tin Foil from my pantry. That's right just plan regular Tin Foil, I cut a piece off the roll and put it inside an embossing folder pressing the folder closed the design gets pushed right into the tin foil. It works perfectly. Using a heavy gel medium I glued down my glossy paper bag onto a large tag and layering I glued down my tin foil on the bottom half of my tag. Then I just kept on layering, Prima's wood ATC's added some fun dimension. Sticking with the Steampunk theme I used Junkyard Findings clock faces, Ingvild Bolme's ceiling light bulbs and Jean plates. Prima really makes embellishing to much fun. Adding Glossy Accents to "Quentin's" monocle and bow just added the finishing touches! I hope you all enjoy this tag as much as I enjoyed making it!!!!! Xoxo

List of Products
980337- Bloom Boy Quentin
572952- Wood ATC-Classic Cards
57280- Time Traveler's Wood Icons
892210- Ingvild Bolme Jean Plates
892180- Ingvild Bolme Ceiling Light Bulbs
891596- Junkyard Findings Clock     Faces
573102- Cartographer Typewriter Keys
990138- Cartographer Flare Buttons

Courteney McMillan-Gibson

P.S. We will be moving the Bloom Girls over to this blog starting Feb. 2nd!! Here you will find all of the NEW Creative Team's designs along with special posts from Jamie herself. 

You won't want to miss all of the new stuff we have in store! 

Hugs and happy creating!! 

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