Thursday, March 26, 2015

Having a Bloomin good time with Lacie

Ok, so you know how you go to sleep at night and it's peaceful and silent... Well for me this is when my mind goes CRAZY with ideas and project colors and schemes!!!! (No sleep for me) This is how this project idea came to me, I was sitting up at 2am writing all the details my brain would give me so I wouldn't forget!! So this baby has been made out of sleepless nights and embossing powder;)
I will admit that sometimes I get favorite supplies and stamps that I usually reach for. And with this admission I must say that I had never reached for Lacie before, but she seemed to fit this project too perfectly! It has also made me realize I need to ink her up more often:) So before I get started, I challenge you to go into you stash, find an item you bought, that is still in its package and give it some love:) You never know it could become a new favorite!

Alright ladies and gents, here is the full project for my tutorial today!

Now here is where you get to see inside my process! Please feel free to follow along and create beautiful things:) The full supply list will follow at the bottom of the post:) (HINT: Read all the way to the bottom to see hint for a chance to win a fab gift package!!)

I started by adhering my 12x12 paper to a piece of 12x12 chipboard. (TIP: I do this so that my project has more weight to hold the layers I apply and so it's easier to stand up to display later!!) I selected three different shades of pinks in varying tones, light/medium/dark. starting with my lighter tone I sprayed along the whole right edge of the layout then tilted it to create drips, allow this to dry. Using the medium pink spray a smaller surface area along the right and tilt to create drips and allow to dry. Then take the dark pink and in a smaller area splay, tilt to create drips and allow to dry. (TIP:If you spray while colors are still wet the colors will blend, if you wait till they're dry then they stay separate. both looks are beautiful all depending what you like:))
This is when you decide where the image will be located! The reason this is important now is so that you can ensure the right amount of background stamping will peek our from behind your image!
I pulled out three different tones of ink pads (white/medium pink/dark pink). Starting with the darkest color, I made impressions of the Floral stamp. While the ink was still wet I applied clear embossing powder and heat set. Repeat with medium pink, then white. (TIP: keep in ind you have three colors to do so don't overload on the first color, you may end up with to make impressions making the project look to cluttered!)

Now this has got to be my favorite part! Sometimes the most tedious, but its also the most fun because this is where I get to create elements for on my layout!
On a transparency sheet I used the 'Wings' stencil and applied whipped spackle. (TIP: allow this to air dry as using a heat gun will warp/melt the transparency.) Once dry, cut out the wings and set aside for later!
Stamp and emboss medium and small 'Floral' stamp onto white card stock using the same embossing technique as in the previous step, fussy cut them out!
Now we make 'Lacie'!! I stamped her on three different colors of Prima Buff paper, the main image was the color I wanted her skin to be, the other two are what I wanted her hair to be! Fussy cut your full, main image (the one you want her skin to be) then fussy cut her hair out as a whole from the paper that you want the main hair color to be, then fussy cut strands that you want to highlight. Now we assemble 'Lacie' and bring her to life!! Adhere the full cut out piece of her hair onto the full image, then piece together the highlighted stands and adhere them over the full image!  Using alcohol pens to color in her BEAUTIFUL tattoo!
Going back to the background, I pulled out my black ink pad and my FAV background texture stamp, keeping in mind where my image will be on the page, I stamped texture wherever I knew it would peek out from behind her. (TIP: keep your image on hand so you can place her down to check stamp positioning) Again using Lacie as a placement guide adhere one set of your wings down, making sure to use an adhesive that dries completely clear and not stringy! I only put adhesive on the base of the wings keeping the middle and tip to the wings adhesive-free so the would be free to move!

Now I get to adhere all the elements I made!!! I used pop-dots to elevate 'Lacie' and create dimension. Using both pop-dots and flat tape adhesive I arranged the fussy-cut floral images along thee bottom edge of Lacie making sure to have a varying dimensions. I stamped a quote on white card stock and cut it out, using pop-dots I adhered it in place. Using the same clear glue place and adhere the second set of wings on Lacie's shoulder to line up with the first set, also making sure to keep a lot of the wing free to 'flap'! 
And just to tie it all together (and one of my fave things to do on almost all of my projects) I add some splatters of watered down heavy white gesso! (TIP: I have made a some cutouts of all my Bloom Girl stamps to use as masks for splatter techniques so i can cover my image perfectly to prevent unwanted splatter from ruining my image!)

Thank you so much for following along, I hope you were inspired! To follow along my journey please feel free to head on over to my Blog or Facebook:)
'Lacie' stamp (#980320)
 'Floral' stamp (#980313)
'Wings' stencil (#980443)
'Mother' stamp(#980283)
Epiphany Collection words to live by' 12x12 paper (#846862)
Julie Nutting 'buff paper pad' (#910327)

Fuzzy Navel Peach
Limor Webber, Chateau Rose
Pink Ladies Pink

'Distress Ink Pads' (tattered rose and victorian velvet)


Limor Webber Designs

White ink pad
12x12 chipboard

Alright Bloomies, keep your eyes peeled for upcoming contest detail! Court and I have teamed up to bring you a simple way to win a fab gift package! Hint: watch for details on Courteney's next blog post on April 7!!!


  1. Love this. I'm dragging out my supplies as soon as I hit post.

    1. So glad to hear:)! Please share what you creat id love to see:)

  2. This turned out so beautiful Sherry LOVE it!!!