Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Bloom Flowers Jewelry

Hi Bloom fans Milagros here with you! 
 today I am taking you off the beaten path into other crafts...
I love jewelry and wearing unique pieces is so me!
So today I am presenting you a super cute and very easy project you can do with your Bloom Girls metal flowers!
Can you spot them? I love the weight and feel of this piece and I get so many compliments every time I wear it, you see my wardrobe is mostly black.  Maybe it's Neiman Marcus words of "women who dress in black live colorful lives"
it sums my style, I love color specially over black,
Now gather your supplies!

your Bloom flowers, findings in like colors, beads, threads, whatever makes you happy!
the Bloom bag of metal flowers comes with various shapes, sizes and materials

I love Russian dolls, they have an appeal to me that I can't describe.  This one though needed a quick pick me up.  So I decided to add some color using first my round yellow bloom.  After I adhered it with some 3 d gloss gel I started painting the metal.  I used gold leaf and various colors of silk paint.  It worked perfect on the metal.
For the flowers you just need a crop-a-dile to pierce holes and add a metal ring, you can finish them with pearls, top them with one another, paint them, let them be, it's your piece be happy, crafty and proud!   You can see more bloom jewelry tutorials on my blog here wearable art and here
Enjoy your piece and remember to have fun!


Supplies needed
bloom metal flowers 980221
a tassel, I made mine with thread to match my Bloom metal flowers
pearls to dangle and to finish your Bloom metal flowers
a chain, pre made or you can make your own, I'm using one by Making Memories
Crop-A-Dile to pierce holes in your metal with ease
pliers to open and close your findings

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