Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Goldie, an exercise in monochrome!

Hi Bloom fans!!! Today I'm excited to share a new product along with a new girl. As you all know I'm an islander, from beautiful Puerto Rico, so Miss Goldie looks to me like a friend I'd find at the beach!  Then at the summer show I met Ken Oliver as he was showing his new Color Burst.  I asked if I could take a sample to play with and show you all some of the cool features of this product.  So here's my girl!
And now the class 

The color burst is in powder form. All you do is sprinkle some of this magic over the stencil and then spray with water. You will have enough yumminess for a second page!
For my girl i stamped her on the Bloom Girls watercolor paper and decided to play with the sun on her back. I thought it would make a nice mosaic effect over the stencil.
And then I placed my girl
Now I was ready to paint!

I pour the powder on my palette and then sprinkled some water
Intense watercolor ready to be absorbed by Jamie's thirsty watercolor paper!
I'd never done a red haired before, so it was time!
The wet on wet along with the absorbency of the paper play together nicely!
Who can resist those cute sun glasses?
I used the same colors on my sun
And I loved those random drips definitely something I would like to try again!

I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial, see you next time!


  1. wow factor love this..thanks for sharing how you made it................

    1. So Glad you enjoyed it!!! Thanks for the blog love!

  2. Hermoso!!! Bello día soleado q te inspira a esas maravillas!!!!

  3. Esta Espectacular Milagros!!! xx

    1. Gracias Marilyn, inspiracion puertorriqueña!!

  4. Resplandeciente sol y el mensaje perfecto.

    1. Gracias Anir, no había más que mirar afuera ayer!!!

  5. Thanks Weim! I will teach you how to make it today on Periscope!!