Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I HATE Technology !!!!

I just spent 3 hours making a video and making a new book to show you techniques. And of course my computer is not recognizing my video camera. So you are stuck reading instead :) Don't you hate that. So here I go!

Materials you will need are: A chipboard album (MR), Acrylic Paint, Gesso, Paint brushes, Brayer, Glimmer Mist, Tape and a mask for glimmer mist, Stamps and a StazOn ink pad.

Cover: I first painted the entire cover with Acrylic paint. I did this to the front back and side. (Outside of book only. When the paint dried i dry brushed a darker shade of paint around the edge of the cover. Using a dry brush makes it easier to blend and shadow. I found the frame at Michael's(Making Memories). I painted it with silver paint and accented it with the stazOn ink pad. I took a black and white photo of the rose and colored in the rose with a red Sharpie. the banner at the bottom of the cover is a Hambley rub-On that I went over with black and red paint. I used a wet brush on this. It makes the paint blend with the Rub-On better. Once the paint set I used a watered down black paint to shadow around the frame and below the banner.

First Page: On all of the interior pages I used gesso and brayer to spread the gesso over both sides of all pages. Don't cover them completely. leave open spots around the edges. After the Gesso set I drew the rose onto the page. The pencil marks will bleed through your layers but we will hide them later on. Take your brayer apply the red paint mainly to the center of the page. While paint is still damp. Clean your brayer and apply a darker color around the edges. I had the paint on a Ranger mat and only applied to the edge of the brayer. Then on the edge of the page I ran the brayer back and forth around the border. You can bring it inwards with the excess paint on the brayer. After the brayered paint has dried Then paint in the rose. Start with a solid red paint, then shadow it in with a wet brush using black paint. do the same with the vine. Start with the green then shadow and outline with a wet brush. Using the wet brush waters down he paint and blends it in gently . When shading start at the darkest part of the object and lightly bring it out. If you need it lighter rinse the brush and use the wet clean brush to pull so of the black from the page.

Pages 2 and 3: On this pair of pages I Started with a mask and glimmer mist. I put the pages side by side placed my mask and sprayed the page. TIP: When I glimmer mist I put the project onto a towel. I reuse the towel over and over, so no ruining the good ones :). It helps keep the mess down and keeps the glimmer mist from getting on other parts of the project. When done with the glimmer mist I used the red paint with the dry brush and blended it around the edge. Once the red dried I used white paint and dry brush it on. Use generous amount of paint. Use a long circular motion. To shadow the clouds use a watered down light blue paint and shadow the underneath and sides of the clouds. I then used a stamp to apply the roses in the corners.

Pages 4 and 5: Again I used the brayer and applied the red all the way across the pages. Then with the edge of the brayer I applied black. Using the brayer I dropped a couple of drops of blue paint directly onto the brayer and ran it across the page. The bird on the page is from Michael's It comes in a pack of three from Prima. I painted the bird to match the album. I used two to three layers of paint. Once the layers dried. I shaded the wings the same way I did on the rose. I also added highlights to the top of the bird with white paint. (TIP: when shading start with a watered down paint if it is not dark enough you can always go darker.) The swirls behind the bird are painted on with a brush. I then applied a glitter glaze to the swirls and bird to highlight them more. Apply the bird with pop dots.

Pages 6 and 7: On this page I Put down the gaffer tape first, slightly over laying the pieces and staggering them for depth. Then I sprayed both pages with glimmer mist. With a dry brush I applies black to the border of the pages. The hearts were painted on and again with a dry brush I painted accents around the hearts. The heart in the middle of the paint, was made by using an exacto knife and cutting back the paint. Revealing the natural chip board. Used red paint and generously applied, with the black paint outline the heart. I hand wrote the Love in the middle.

The back page follow the direction from the front page.

The interior of the book. Glimmer mist the entire inside. Saturate it, the book may bow but it is easy to adjust the book when dry. Then use StazOn ink with a background stamp. I used A Prima stamp. The clasp of the book is made by Zutter. I hope this gave you some insight of the techniques. If you have any questions please feel Free to let me know. If I am able to get my video uploaded I will replace this with the video.

I have taught many classes but it is way more difficult to type out actual instructions :P

Here is the cover of the book i made for the video :)


  1. Wow, chickie!!!! Thanks so much!!! I am going to try this!!!! Thanks for all of your hard work!!! I just adore this!!! I just adore YOU!!!!!! Happy Wednesday!!!

  2. Sorry about the video....but I am IN LOVE with this TUTORIAL!!!!!!! ***EEEEEEKKKKKK****** LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE IT!!!!!!!!! Can't WAIT to do this! :):):):):):):):):):):):)