Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A trip to help my Sis...

A couple of weekends ago i helped my sister take some kids to a FFA competition at Cal Poly Pamona. She is an Ag teacher. Well It took Karlie and I two hours to get to her house on Friday night. Then the next morning at 3am in the morning :p I helped haul 7 of 14-17 high school kids 4 hours away. Let me tell you I am so glad i am no longer a teen!!! Well it was an adventure!! Karlie and I mainly hung out around the college while all of the kids and my sis did their thing. I never realized how boring college could be lol...We frequented the rose garden, searched buildings, and climbed about a million stairs!! All i really wanted to do was take a nap. Karlie decided it was more important for me to smell the roses :) Then on our way home we almost got into an accident. 7 high school kids screaming all together sound like a bunch of 5 year old girls. We came out untouched :) At least i got a few good pics to scrap :)

And a little laugh to end it all off.... Take out the I and what do you get LOL My sis and I had a blast with this one :)


  1. Oh you are way toooooo funny!!!! I am agreeance with you!!!! Teens in a bus screaming and yelling, I'll take little ones anyday!!! I can remember when my daughter was in the teen stage, let's say that is why I have to color my hair!!!! Love the pics and you did take time to smell the roses!!!! Love the new pic of you!!!! Happy Thursday weet friend!

  2. You are so immature Jaime!...(I'm totally busting up!) Those pics of Karly are cute! Can't wait to see them on the wall.