Friday, March 4, 2011

Fun In Wonderland And Some Exciting News!!!!

Ok first off I am SOOOO Excited EEEKKK I made the first cut and I am in the top 25 for Graphic 45's DT call!! I am over the moon, but nervous at the same time lol. I need to send three projects to them and I don't know if I should make new ones, send some of the ones I have already done or what lol. I have the whole weekend to figure it out I guess. But I wanted to say congrats to the other amazingly talented people who made the cut and can't wait to see who they choose as their new Design Team. Good lucky everybody :)

Ok so........
I did another Tim Holtz Configurations Box this week. And my inspiration came from our favorite girl Alice. I am really loving these Tim Holtz Configuration boxes. I may need to get a few more.

This one started out with me making a few little mushrooms and it evolved into this.

All of the pieces, except the bottle, key and Prima flowers were hand sculpted and painted. The mini Alice and Caterpillar came at the end. I have it posted on Etsy. My first listing there. And someone featured it on their picks. I put a lot of time and detail in it and hope someone decides to take it home and enjoy it.

Oh yeah on last crafty thing. Cnavas Corp is having an awesome contest right now, make sure to go and check it out!!!

I am so tired and thanks to my parents I will be kidless this weekend so that means SLEEPING IN!!! They will have a fun filled weekend at the river and I will have a little peace and quiet lol. My best buddies will be home before I know it :)

A little personal note. Quentin goes in next Wed. to have tubes put in and possibly his adenoids taken out. I am a nervous nell, I know it is a very common procedure, but still. Also I am thinking of keeping him from school till then so he doesn't come down with another cold. If he does they can't do the procedure. As some of you know he has a huge speech delay. I have been fighting with doctors for the last couple of years trying to get his issues handled. They said things from autism, to lack of intelligence, to a brain defect (never testing him) just rattling off conditions. And not once ever taking into account how many ear infections he has had over the years, or that when he is seen he always has fluid in his ears, infection or not, or that his speech therapist felt that it was a physical problem and stated so. It got so bad that I even had Children's Hospital tell me that I had never seen the ENT!! Like we never even existed. It's been a very stressful and long road. He is coming up on Kindergarden and besides his issues with hearing and speech would have no problem adjusting to school. This has been holding a very intelligent and happy boy back. And fingers crossed this will help him progress. Ok thanks I feel a little lighter now thank You

I wish you all a great weekend.



  1. Hugs and prayers for your little one!! I hope everything goes well.

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOO in love with this!!! INCREDIBLE INCREDIBLE INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!

    FINGERS crossed you MAKE IT!!!! They would be SOOOOO LUCKY to have you!!!!!! You are amazing!

  2. My niece's speech was delayed. Once they put in the tubes, she caught up super fast, and now we can't shut her up. :) I hope it's as beneficial for your little man.

  3. Congratulations!! Ya know I totally love this! I hope Q gets better is so hard to see babies sick. <3

  4. Congrats! congrats! I just know that you will make their team - you are so creative - a true artist! I had thought about trying out for G45 but own so little of their products and having no scrapping budget this year, well - it was no brainer! LOL! Hope this procedure will solve Q's problem - I cannot imagine how frustrated you and your DH must be about all the medical "advice." I will be thinking of and praying for the little guy and for you. Have a great week! And oh I almost forgot, love how you are using the configurations and the clay!!!! Sculpting is so very different from papercrafting - 3D instead of 2D, and you are already a master!

  5. Yay! G45 needs you girl. Love this project, too cute.

  6. Congratulations Jamie on G45 :) Hope your little boys op goes well to during the week - Good luck for Round 2 Cheers Melanie

  7. Wow I love your project.
    I just wanted to say I hope all goes well for Quentin on Wednesday. I have so been there. My son who is now 6 had ears done at 2yrs 4months. We thought there was not really a speech delay as he was talking a bit but we noticed a big difference within a couple of weeks of him being done. He has had to have grommets put in again (and adenoids) as they naturally fall out. They are now out and he does not need more in. Yay. He had some speech therapy which caught him up as they haad trouble understanding him when he started kindergarten. My daughter Hannah got ears done when she was 1yr 4moths because we new the signs, thankfully she has had no speech issues. in fact they both had there seccond lot of grommets put in on the same day. i totally understand wheree you are at with worrying even though they are only under for about 5minutes.
    I really hope you have the sucess that we have had. Good on you for keeping on pushing for your wee boy till you get an answer.
    best wishes
    new zealand

  8. Congrats on G45 Jamie!! Good luck on the finals. :) I love your little altered Tim Holtz box. It's gorgeous, especially the woodgrain and all the little hand sculptures. I hope all goes well with Quentin.

  9. Big Congrats sweet friend!!!! I love that is beyond awesome!!!

    I know that you are nervous...we just went through this with Gavin!!! hang in there Momma!!!!! I will keep you in my prayers!!!

    Love ya girlie!!!

  10. WOW!!! G45? Fantastic!!! Beautiful Alice project too!

  11. I so understand what you are going through with your son...My daughter's speech was delayed due to so many ear infections...finally got tubes at 4yrs old and it was unbelievable how quickly she started talking AND now at 14yrs old won't STOP!!! Our ENT said to stick your fingers in your ears and you will understand how your child is actually hearing the world around them...

  12. Ok..This is insane..I am loving this in love with the detail of it all...