Monday, May 16, 2011

Slacking off :)

So I had so many tasks to take care of these past couple of weeks, that my blog got neglected. So did the house work, my car....well you get the idea. Finally I have finished everything (for now) and I am getting back to the real world. The only thing I did not neglect were my kiddos. They are the only thing I will never go a day without spending time with. But back to business.
I had a night last week where I felt a little burnt out, exhausted, testy so i decided to create something on my terms. I love sculpting as you know and I felt I needed a little help with the house work so I created her...


I love how she ended up turning out, so I have two other "Real Mousewife" pieces I'm going to create. Just a touch of fun and whimsy in the midst of chaos and deadlines. :)

I had a request to video my next sculpture, so that she could see how i go about making my Polymer pieces. So I hope to get that done soon.

i hope she brings a smile to your face, and remember not to work too hard this week. Now I must attempt to put my house working skills to use :)



  1. shut.up.
    that is... WOW. I don't have words.

  2. Just brilliant! you are a wizard with poly!

  3. is there anything you CAN'T do?

    this is crazy cute.

  4. OMYGOSH!! She is ADORABLE! LOVE HER! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. Jamie, this is INCREDIBLE!!! Wow-what personality your little mousewife has! So sweet!