Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reflection, Life & Inspiration

Things have come about this past year that I could have never imagined happening. And this year looks like it might even have more in store.

I don't share this and actually haven't shared my feelings on this with anyone, (besides God and my husband) but felt it was something I needed to share. I needed to voice how I feel and maybe it will help me or others to see that what we are doing actually matters.

Short story...In 98' my now husband, a friend of ours, and I had gotten into a head-on collision. One that most people wouldn't have walked away from let alone survived. We were headed home when we came around a blind corner and was hit head on by a drunk driver. We went up and over the man's car and ended upside down. I hadn't been wearing a seat belt, and when I came to I realized that my head and half my upper body were outside of the front windshield. I remember looking up at the hood of the truck and was overwhelmed by the smell of gasoline and assault. The gasoline and dirt burned the small cuts in my scalp and a sharp pain shot up my leg. I had broken my leg and came out otherwise with only small cuts and bruises. All three of us came out without life threatening injuries!! The truck was totaled and the man got off scot free.

But you probably are asking why I share this horrible story. What has followed me through out the years is actually a phone call I had received a couple of days after that accident. A very close and long time friend had called me to see how I was doing. He had said to me that he didn't know what he would've done if I hadn't survived the car accident...His words stuck with me and I will remember that phone call for the rest of my life...

Because no more than a  few weeks after he made that call that same friend died in a freak accident while riding his dirt bike out in the desert.

I often ask myself and God why had I survived and he did not. What in my life would become more important than what he could have accomplished. I also question whether or not the things I have accomplished are what God had planned for me. Am I good mother? Will my children love me and know how much I truly love them? I also wonder that maybe them, themselves are who will become the great outcome of my life. Maybe I was just the way they got here. I also ask, do my parents look at what I have accomplished and have set out to accomplish worth the life they have provided me?

I also ask if writing is what I was meant to do? If I don't succeed, will it matter, or is it that, I was brave enough to put pen to paper? Does my art matter, even if no one buys my work, or will it inspire someone else who will become a world renowned artist? Why was my life not up yet? What am I suppose to be doing and accomplishing?

I try to look at life with the thought that it could end at any moment and in truth it can! We never know when it can come to an end and while we're here we need to make the most of it. Put everything we have into loving and caring for those around us. Make sure you tell those important to you, that you DO love them each and every day. Make sure to tell yourself that you ARE important and no matter the outcome, what you do IS important as well. Don't be afraid to try something new, because that one thing might be what God had intended for you all along.

With a new year I want to remind myself of this and I hope it can inspire and help some of you as well. God has a plan for me and whether I have already accomplished his goals or his plan is still set out in front of me, I plan to put forth the time and effort to do it justice. I use my life as inspiration and I hope you all realize that your life in it's self is inspiring.

I will not waste this life...I refuse to waste this life and what it has in store for me.

Fear can hinder your life but Hope can encourage what it's meant to be.

Hugs To ALL
Jamie D.


  1. WOW! That is all I can say...powerful words & questions. I need time to think about what I have just read but thank you for sharing & thank you for being a part of creative life ;)

  2. OH my dear sweet friend.....thank you so very much for sharing your heart. I've actually been asking myself alot of those very same questions. Am at a crossroad in my life with some very difficult decisions to make....some will hurt deeply...some will be amazing..and it is my prayer...that when it's all said and done...it will all have a purpose...a reason...and make a difference!!


  3. what a story! so excited to continue to see what God has for you! :)

  4. Wow...what a powerful post! These are all questions we ask ourselves at some time in our lives when we doubt if we are what we are "supposed" to be.You are indeed an inspiration and a woman of many amazing talents.Thanks for sharing!

  5. You are so very inspiring, Jamie. The world is truly a better place with you in it. I lost my sister just a few months ago, and have done a lot of soul-searching as well about how I spend my time and what I would leave behind. You are one of the people I would like to know far better than I do now. I hope we can spend some time together while I'm at CHA.
    Love, SL

  6. I understand the questions as an almost ten year survivor of breast cancer. Why did I survive and many others have not, including my baby brother who died at 49 year young just this past August. I made a promise to myself to live each day with intention. Sounds like you are in a similar place. Wishing you strength and sending hugs.

  7. Wow! Jaime I have to say Kudos for sharing such deep feelings. I am moved, but not shocked to read and see your bravery. I am inspired and thankful that you share your wonderful gift with the world. Being that we have never met, I would like you to know you have helped me through my tough times by sharing your art and inspiring me to try new things through papercraft. Crafting is a release I treasure when stealing a few moments for myself when life's depression grabs hold. TFS!!!

  8. Powerful powerful powerful!!! WOW!! You amaze me Jamie!!! And I know you were put on this earth and survived that crash for a reason... to share with the rest of us your amazing talents! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  9. A very thought provoking and inspiring post. Thank you for sharing with us all, I've been questioning a lot of those same things, and somehow seeing the words written down makes me feel not only that someone understands, but that it might be a normal feeling! And also a good one, evaluating what you're doing, good and bad means that you can stop the bad and keep on doing the positive things. I think 2012 is going to be a good year. Keep up the amazing work, and let your creativity flow. :)

  10. I just found your blog thru Jumpstart today and came to say hello.

    WOW this was a lot to take in at once. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend and happy that you made it thru your crash. I can tell by the other comments that you are a wonderful person and inspire many. God must have planned for you to share all those talents with others.

    I ask myself all the time what my plan should be and what paths to take. Slowing down and making sure my kids know they are so very loved is important to me also. Thankful for this wonderful scrapbook hobby so that I can leave their story behind if i"m not here to tell it for them.

    Thank you for sharing and reminding us to make each day count.
    Blessings for you and your loved ones.

  11. First time to your blog and found you from JumpStart 2012. What a story and thanks for sharing. I needed to read this today. Get past the fear and be...beautiful video btw. Peace to you and your family.
    Sue Clarke

  12. I only just met you through Jump Start, but you are my new hero. Thank you for sharing a deep, down inside, part of who you are. You have affected me and I appreciate it. Thank you.

  13. I found you today through Jump Start. I spent 2011 fighting breast cancer and in December my brother was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. I, too, wonder why God sent healing to me and not to others. All we can do is try to glorify Him by living each day to its fullest and be grateful and joyful. We are here for a purpose. Thanks for sharing your story.

  14. Your message is very inspirational. Thank you for caring enough to share and help us find that each and every moment comes but once and we can sit it out or we can drink it in. Mary Werner

  15. This really spoke to me today too. You have put into words what I needed to see to get me going forward in life and creativity. Thank you.

  16. Hello Jamie. I just watched your Jump Start video and read this post. Your thoughts and reflections deeply affected me. I had tears in my eyes. Thank you for sharing this story and your sources of inspiration. I was destined to read you today... I do believe that from the bottom of my heart. Take care :)

  17. What a wonderful testimony, Jamie! I am so encouraged by your post and have just over the past few days been feeling really down and asking myself similar questions. Thank you for being an inpiring light in my day!

    (New Zealand)

  18. wow..so so insightful you are! so very sorry for your losses... you know..it is so important to share like this...feel sorta special you would post to your readers...if you read much about loss..its effects are cumulative...many folks do not realize this until one major event leads awful, debilitating effects. It is critical that each loss is sufficiently handled (emotionally, spiritually, etc) before one can move forward. Otherwise, one event can keep you stuck forever. Writing is one way of processing..I think you are so on your way to moving forward, tho it is often the hardest part of living! God Bless you!

    you really have a wonderful blog here and are so full of inspiration..not going to cha but would be blessed to have our paths cross one day. ty so so much!

  19. This was an amazing post, it sounds like it was a miracle that you survived your crash,and how amazing that your friend was brave enough tomshare hisntrue fee
    Ings with you. What a blessing for you to have those words in your heart.

    i ask myself almost daily why I need to do this art that I do. It goes something like, why do I even bother...blah blah blah. The answer usually is because you may be making a difference to someone, and besides -- what else would you do anyway, LOL!

    Have a lovely day and thanks for sharing such a touching, thought provoking post.

  20. Thank you so much for this post and for sharing your heart and soul with all of us. I am so very sorry for your loss and understand your questions, your grief, all too well. I lost my older sister, Linda, this past March suddenly from pneumonia after she had beaten leukemia only 3 days prior. She celebrated her last birthday in the hospital and left behind two kids, 16 and 11. I know God has a plan, and had a plan for Linda's life, but my brain just can't wrap myself around how her leaving this earth so soon, could bring about enough good to overcome the loss to all who knew her. Maybe one day, it will all make sense. I guess for now, I just need to live life to the fullest and trust in Him.
    Thanks again for sharing,