Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What a Hoppy Day with Canvas Corp.

Easter is in a few days and I always love creating a few decorations for the holidays. Here is a 12 x12 canvas I created using Canvas Corp. supplies! The designs and color are a fun and funky twist on the holiday and give it a more graphic feel.

I used Canvas Corp. 12 x 12 stretched canvas, Canvas Corp.(CC) Patterned papers, CC twine, CC Kraft shredded paper, and 7 Gypsies Medal medallion. I added a Prima flower to the center of the medallion and altered it with the same mist I used on the background.

Look at how you could use this paper line with a slight grunged look. I will show you how I created the fun background. 

Here are what you need to complete this technique.
_Unprimed Canvas. Canvas Corp. Carries a who line of unfinished, stretched canvases. 
_Gel Medium
_Palette knife or paint brush
_Patterned paper
_Glimmer Mist (color used Valencia Chalkboard mist)
1. you will cover your canvas with a generous layer of Gel media. I add it in spots and not the entire page. I think it gives a better weathered look. 

2. Place your pattered paper face side up on your working surface then place your canvas on top. You can even lay a collage of papers down to add a fun design.

3.Next use your brayer and run it along the back side of the canvas. Make sure to use heavy pressure to the canvas. This will help fuse the paper and canvas together. Turn the canvas over and run the brayer over your edges. Pressure is key.

4. Allow the gel medium to dry completely before you move on to this step. If you can. It's best to allow it to set over night. Then pull the patterned paper off of the canvas. Only what was adhered by the gel medium will stick to the canvas. 

5. Spray the left over paper with water. Get it moist enough to roll the paper backing off of the canvas with you fingers. You can see on the right hand side where I have removed the paper backing to leave only the colored design of the paper. I suggest doing some let it dry rewet and finishing it. This will assure your paper design does not become to wet and come completely off.

Next spray your canvas with your choice of mist. Do a light layer over the entire piece. When I mean light I mean an even coat of color. Not spritz of color lol ;) I know some of you lol
Then in only areas spray heavily to add contrast between the layers of mist. I find the chalkboard mist works best for this. Now your canvas background is ready to decorate. Enjoy :D



  1. Wow!!!! This is so cool! I will have to try my hands on something like this. TFS

  2. I was just thinking about trying something out like this today but had NO idea how to tackle it! Thanks for the inspiration and the "how to"- this page is beautiful!! LOVE the bright cheerful color and the wonderful texture!

  3. *sigh* this is AMAZING Jamie! You are so inspiring!