Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's Insta Madness!

 I begged and pleaded a few years back for my Nikon, and I mean beg and pleaded, like I will wash your truck for a year begging (serious business) lol...So now that I have had my fancy camera and have lugged it on many of trips, I now find myself saving my arms from the workout and often use my iPhone. And when using your iPhone or Android camera you can't go without the ever trendy Instagram. How could you beat it, you can alter, save and share within seconds. On top of the convenience, you can come out with some pretty awesome photos!
  Here are a few of my faves, that will most likely grace my upcoming scrapbook pages...since I haven't taken ANY photos on my regular camera, remember that one I just HAD to have. Hehe.

So, the point of the story is...yes I do indeed have a point to all of this ;) Even if you don't have a high priced fancy camera, that can take photos from space, you can still take fun, memorable pictures. Ones that stand out just as well if not better than those Nikon or Cannon ones. So go out, catch those candid moments, and create something new. 

Hugs to all of you creative creatures out there,

Jamie D



  1. sad...but true! I've taken more pictures with my iPhone than I have with my Nikon...lol!

  2. Hehe....poor camera...lol! These are awsome photos Jamie:)

  3. Sounds like me Jamie! HAD to have the Nikon D90, (12 mp, imagine that!!!) Now I have a little point and shoot Canon, (14 mp) costing a fraction if the Nikon, takes incredible photos! Can't remember the last time the D90 came out if the bag! Sad that I spent so much, adding one more camera to the boneyard of film cameras, and medium format studio equipment. Donna Sullivan