Thursday, July 12, 2012

When It's Hot...CREATE!!

  So the last few days I've been testing out my tolerance to heat. See how hot my house can get before my vision blurs, my kids become cranky, and the dogs look like melted ice-cream spread all over the concrete. (Ok not really, the AC is out and I really have no choice in the matter) but in all honestly it feels like the gates of Hades have opened up in my scrap-room! I'm waiting to see if my projects melt or my cans of paint explode. I have to be grateful that our weather isn't as bad as others but still--your creativity evaporates in this darn heat!
  Instead of letting the weather completely defeat me I decided to work on my digital art a little this week. I do all of my work on my MacBook Pro so I can carry it where ever I want. And right now, me and the computer want to be settled in front of a powerful fan.
  Here is a digital painting I worked on last night. I'm still learning/teaching myself how to do all of this but I hope you enjoy her.
TIP: Anytime you try to paint a portrait I strongly suggest to have a source photo to follow. You don't have to copy the source photo exactly but they help with determining proportion, color, light sources, and so on. You can even combine the inspiration from multiple photos when drawing or painting a person.
  Here is a close up of my painting.

I've been really working on my shadowing and contours, blending the colors and textures together. The theories used to accomplish my layers of color also applies to traditional art. You start with your lightest color first and add color gradually. You can always go back and add a lighter color for reflection and highlights if your piece begins to loose it's reflective properties. 

Here is my source photo. I loved the angle of her face and that the eye was the main focal point. Her striking red hair against her fair complexion made her look intriguing.

Here are a couple Work In Progress photos showing some of the layers being added.

Here is my finished piece. I still want to fidget with her hand a bit but I try not to over work or over think a project...I become my own worst enemy and I've scrapped quite a few projects because i tried too hard...Yes there is such a thing.

If you like this piece I have prints available HERE :) I also have some exciting scrapbooking stuff coming up and I can't wait to share with you some digital and printable elements I will have up on my website for purchase. I will also have a few chances to win free downloads left week as well so keep your eyes out for some goodies ;)

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Jamie D


  1. you amaze me Jamie :o)


  2. You seriously inspire girl!! LOVING this!!!