Monday, July 2, 2012

Seeing Art in a New Light

Do you ever get in a creative rut? Ok...if you answer no to this question you are; 1. LYING or in Denial; or 2. You have been blessed by God.

  I often think that our creative ruts are the challenges we are giving to make us strive even further. That we need these obstacles to step outside of our comfort zones and try new things, whether that something new is an idea, technique, or an entire overhaul. I'm in that overhaul stage. I have to admit, to a point I've always created with the idea that I had to please someone. That I had to design to meet a certain style or expectation.(does that make sense?) In doing this I've ran into so many ruts, my tires have finally gone flat. I came to the point where I had no real attachments to my work. I had little compassion for what I created.
  How fun is that? It's no fun at all. So I decided to make a change, I want to do more of my own work, whether it be art, crafts, sewing, painting, or all of the above. Make beautiful pieces that I could find beauty in. Everyday I thank God for the gifts he has given me and I haven't been doing those gifts any justice. If He felt I was important enough to trust them in I should find them important enough to put the effort in! make a long and somewhat rambling story short, you'll notice some differences around my blog and website. You may find projects you didn't expect from me but that is part of the point. I want to expand myself and show what I am truly capable of.

  While I'm at all of the change stuff, I want to give you a challenge as well. Here are some free print outs for you to challenge yourself with. Use them on a card, page, or mixed media project. Just make something for you...that you love!

I just ask that you do not claim the art as your own and please do not alter and then claim as your own either ;) Hugs to all and have a creative week.


  1. Whatever you create I know will be amazing. Look forward to seeing those changes and thanks for the printables!

  2. Go for it. Thanks for making me think too.

  3. Jamie, Just to let you know that I have been in that exact same spot several times...but really dealt with it this past winter. We do have to stretch and find what it is that tells our story...shows who we really are. I am still working on that. I am not very happy with how my ideas look after I am finished. But I am sure I will get there!
    Thanks for sharing your journey.