Thursday, February 27, 2014

New Workshop!!

This year has been a busy one. Loving all the new possibilities, and experiences coming my way, I feel so deeply blessed. With all the traveling I still felt like I needed to create some workshops from home. My newest online workshop is Bloom Girl Elements... Would you like to learn how to add more detail when drawing facial features. Give your pieces life and dimension? This would be a great place to start. Only $25, and you will receive videos on each facial feature. Eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. I've found that when I'm practicing each piece separately it's not quite as intimidating. The workshop goes live on the 15th. You can sign up now at....!bloom-girl-elements/c22xv

I also still have my other Bloom Girl workshops available.!online-workshops/c1q20

Would you like to be featured on My Artist page? If you use any of my new Bloom collection in you project make sure to tag me or post on my page and I'll make sure to promote your piece. 


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