Thursday, April 30, 2015

You and Me

Ladies and gents... the time has come (almost;)) don't forget to read to the bottom of this post for PART 2 of courteney and my contest give away!!!!!

But, before we get to all of that excitement, lets check out a super fun tutorial I did for a layout using sprays and stencils and all sorts of delicious goodness!

As I start almost all of my layouts, I adhered my pattern paper to a heavy chipboard piece to give the layout support and structure.
I chose two complimentary colored (purple and yellow) sprays. Starting with my 'main' color (yellow) I sprayed a large section towards the top right areas of the page. I wanted a pretty solid area covered so I made sure to use even, firm pressure pushing the sprayer all the way in. I also wanted to allow some to pool so I could tilt the page to create drips. Allow this to dry completely, this will allow the colors to stay separate and not mix/blend together as that isn't the look I am going for today!
Taking my second color (purple) I wanted splatters so I used quick, short, pulse type stroked on the sprayer to create the splatters. Making sure to keep the spray bottle aprox 12" front the paper to allow the drops to splatter some when they hit the paper! Allow to dry completely.
Using the Bloom Girl ricket stencil I applied matte gel medium through stencil onto the layout on top of the sprays! its important that the sprays are dry before you apply this of the paste will pick up some of the spray color!
Apply super heavy gesso through the Bloom Girls 'wings' stencil and allow to dry!

I laid my picture onto the layout where it was going to be placed in the end and traced around it with a pencil, this will allow be to add stamping and know what will peek out from the photo.
then I went nuts with my borer stamps, I like to primarily keep my linear stamps all going in the same direction (in this layout they're all primarily vertical) as opposed to going horizontal, vertical and diagonal! I stamped all along the photo and a little bit in the bottom left corer, this made me feel like the layout was balanced to the eye.

I pulled out my 'Sharon' stamp and inked up just the butterflies around her head. Making sure to mask off the rest of her face and hair I stamped the butterflies around the edge of where the photo would be. Allow the ink to dry completely. Then I rubbed white gelato over the image of the butterflies and gave it a second to set. Using a small paintbrush I painted the butterflies using sprays(orange/yellow) and gelatos (blue). Allow these to dry.
Using a fun rub-on saying I added 'you + me' so it would sit along the bottom right edge of my photo!

BOOM!!!! add a photo with pop dots and we have a fun layout with some fun layers and visual texture!!!

And a few close up pics of this fab layout! THANK YOU for checking it out and playing along!! head over to my blog for more inspirations, tutorials and how-tos!! 

Bloom Girl
-'ricket' stencil (#980405)
-'wings' stencil (#980443)
-Sharon stamp (#980177)
Other Prima
-Bloom Sprays:
-Sunrise/Sunset collection 'Celcius' (#960018)
-Metal Paperclips, butterflies (#564643)
-Timeless Memories, metal trinkets (#579791)

-Liquitex, Super Heavy Gesso
-IndigoBlu, Limor Webber, Rugged Edge Stamps
-Dylusions Spray: Pure Sunshine (DYC33929)
-Faber-Castel, Gelato: metallic blue
-My Minds Eye, Jubilee: Rub-ons (#JB1069)

Now its CONTEST TIME!!!!
Comment on this post and Courteneys post form the beginning of the month=2 ballots
Comment on Courtemey's blog, =1 ballot
Comment on my personal blog, =1ballot
Share both this post and Court's post =1 ballot

All ballots go towards a fab gift package, good luck!!!!


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