Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy Birthday Frida Kahlo, Bloom Style!

Hi everybody! It's a Monday, not our regular schedule here at the Bloom Girls but it's Frida Kahlo's Birthday today so I asked permission to post on her day!  Recently I visited Mexico, what a beautiful country and of course I HAD to visit Casa Azul, her home/museum in the quaint city of Coyoacán, MX.
And being the scrapbooker that I am I had to create a journal/album to put all my photos and memorabilia. 
I thought it would be cool to do a Bloom project going back on Jamie's stamps all the way to the newest.
Jamie's stamps are so versatile they go anywhere and Boom, make it all better!
I'm also using the new Ranger's line of Dylusions acrylic paint because they match so well the vibrant palette of Mexico, I think Frida would approve... and Sandra Evertson Relics and Artifacts, because Frida would approve as well...
so come visit!
One of my favorite FK quotes
 "Feet what do I need you for, if I have wings to fly"
you are going to love what I used to create my quote banner...I should put you to the test on this one, ha!
on to the know how
I took a chipboard album and painted it Azul, if you thought it was as easy as splashing cobalt blue, think again, I used 3 blues, one violet and a white, from Liquitex and DinaWakley acrylics, you can see a bit of the museum outdoor pic to help me with the color

I had me a stamping storm, can you spot the banner I used? yup you're right! I am using Sharon's hair as my banner, it worked beautifully, who would have though you don't actually need to buy an extra stamp now!
It's all in the eye of the beholder
Frida loved butterflies that's why I used the gorgeous Monarchs on Sharon's hair.  while I was fuzzy cutting I decided to leave the eye, kinda  quirky.  That led me to using a real eye from Sandra's Relics.  And what better to decorate that eye Frida/Dali style than by using Catrina?
Also this stencil silhouette provided me with the perfect Frida and Jamie's stamps provided me with the perfect scale for her signature flowers on her hair!
my first choice for her wings were the butterflies on Sharon's stencil, as the project evolved I decided to add the Relics ones on top of the Monarchs.  It's an ongoing thing, as you know,  while you create.
I wanted colorful blooms for my book to surround Frida with all the bright colors she loved
I'm using
Sharon stencil
Inspire, Create, Explore
Girl Sophie
Bubble Gum pink, postbox red, squeezed orange, lemon zest, cut grass, white linen, black marble 

I decided to add Catrina's roses here along with her hairdress in the eye and wings
and can you spot her chin in "Frida's" body? I used Catrina's chin sunflower in a couple of places!

Flowers' on Frida's hair
And now a tour of what's inside!

I saved all of my receipts, including a permission to take photos inside the museum!

each tab has one of Frida's quotes handwritten in them

I used Jamie's wings stencil and stamp here!
the body was made stamping a Prima floral stamp

here I used the wings stencil with some gold embossing

and this one was inspired by Frida's wardrobe exhibit:
 "Appearances can be deceiving",
 that we were fortunate enough to see

this is one of the corsets she had to use and also the inspiration of one of her paintings
So, I hope you have enjoyed my" Bloomy" interpretation of Frida
and enjoyed a new way to use some of  Jamie's fab stamps!
"til next time!


  1. You are an awesome artist! Your imagination and the way you use products already in your stash in a new way is inspiring! Thank you! Espectacular Milagros. Gracias por demostrarnos nuevas formas de utilizar productos q ya tenemos! Gracias

    1. Marisol you humble me. I did wanted to create something new out of what we already have. I'm so happy you enjoyed it! And thank you for the blog ❤️

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  3. Wow! Very creative. Awesome creation as always.
    Love it! <3 <3
    Hugs, Sony

  4. Oh Man!! Just a fantastic work of art!!

  5. Spectacular as always!!! I love to watch you right in the middle of the creative process. God bless your talent!!!