Friday, July 31, 2015

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Hey everyone!!! Sherry here with a look into my creative process!!! And sometimes the unexpected journey it sometimes takes me on. Have you ever been in the process of making a project and half way through you go"crap, I'm not liking how this looks". But, you're to far in to 'fix' it but also to far into it to toss it!!! Well, I started this layout thinking that it would be a 12x12 project. Then, as I was getting going I decided I didn't love it! So, instead of tossing it and starting new I figured out which parts I loved and worked around them!!

So all I want to say is believe in yourself and you talent! Trust the process and love what you create! Sometimes it has to go through a yucky stage before it becomes exactly what you hoped it would be:)

So here it is, flawed start and all!!

Step ONE

I found a nice soft textured patterned paper and pulled out two of my favorite Bloom Girl stamps! i positioned them so that when I started adding color they wouldn't bleed together to much! (You will see what I mean in the next step)
Once the black ink of the stamped images is dry I did a thin layer of clear gesso over the top of the entire layout. This will help in the following steps to prevent the paper from completely absorbing the inks and liquid.

Step TWO

Next up, my FAVORITE way to add fun color to any project, Magicals!! I selected a few shades of pink and a few shade of brown to create fun hair colors! Because I added the layer of clear gesso i could wipe color from where I didn't want it with ease while it was drying! I slowly added more and more layers till the color was what I wanted it to be!!

THEEEEEEEN I decided I HATED IT!!!!! I almost threw it out till my fiance came down, hearing my words of frustration, to see what the fuss was all about! He looked at it and agreed maybe the color combo wasn't right, but that the left side was awsome!!! So BOOM my direction changed and I cut the layout in half and added some fun stencilling with molding paste.


Oh how i love the intensity of a good spray! Once the molding paste was dry i sprayed the left and top edges with water to allow the spray to spread wherever it naturally wanted to flow. I unscrewed the top of the spray bottle and ran the end of the straw along the two edges of the project, then tilted it slightly to allow it to flow around the paste.


then to soften the colors and brighten it up a bit, I added a bit more stencilling with white paste! (you'll notice in later pics that I actually ended up extending this further up and left then where it is here. Once my picture and a few embellies went down a lot of the paste texture disappeared)


Next up, EMBELLIES!!!!! I pulled out my bowl of homeless flowers (I have a cute glass bowl on my workspace that I throw homeless items that don't have a package anymore!) and metal embellishments and started layering flowers and metal bits around where I knew I wanted my photo to be set.

Along the edges of the flowers and focal area I spread clear glass beads and allowed to dry completely.

Once the flower were secure and the beads were dry I dry brushed them all with white gesso. (tip: if you like the color of your embellishments and want some of it to show through, you could also use clear gesso. Or for a super fun look you can even use black gesso!)

Once dry I start sprinkling my selected Magicals over the gessoed areas! I continued to layer this till the vibrancy was there! fortunately because magcals are so pigment packed it didn't take to many layers!

Step SIX

All that was left was to pop dot the photo on and ta-da I have a fun 6x12 layout to display!
Here are a few close ups to check out a few more details!

Thank you so much for popping in! Remember, the supplies I used are just ones that I prefer and enjoy. But, if you like something else as home that you love use it, if you have something similar use it! I am always a fan of new goodies but sometimes we can't have it all! So dig into your stash, pull out some delish products and create! You don't have to have the exact things I use to create beautiful things!

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Thank you for popping in:) make sure to peek around at the other amazing projects by the DT!!


Bloom Girl- Summer (#980160)
                     Metal Floral Embellishments (#980221)
                     Flowers (#575212)
Art Ingredients- light paste (#961404)
Flowers(#565251, #556945 and #577957)
Stencil- 'weaving' (#962333)

Magicals-(for the hair) Steam punk sepia, sandra dee sepia, steel shimmer
                (for the flowers) cheshire cat cherry, time travel teal and rusty lantern lime
Spray-flying monkey midnight

'Twins' thickers (#366837)

Clear Pocket Cards (#369959)

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