Thursday, February 19, 2015

Lacie Bloom Girl - Lisa Style

Hi Bloom friends! It's Lisa here with you today and I have a really neat way to use your beautiful Bloom Girls. I'm using Lacie today. She is from the newest CHA Winter 2015 release and she is GORGEOUS!!

Here's how I made her:

1. Cover the 5 x 7" sticky backed canvas with Prima Art Basics Clear Gesso (Item #961466). Allow to dry or heat set. 
2. Gather acrylic paints.
3. Apply acrylic paints in desired colors and in varied patterns. Allow to dry/heat set.
4. Stamp background with patterned stamp with dark Archival Ink (my preference is Black.)

5. Remove backing from sticky back canvas and stick to canvas. (*Tip - if necessary for good adhesion, apply Gel Medium to edges and dry.)
6. Place Bloom Girl Lacie on piece of vellum cardstock. Measure width of stamp and cut to size.
7. Stamp Bloom Girl Lacie in black pigment ink on vellum cardstock and use clear embossing powder to heat set.
8. Use watercolor pencils, Stamper's Big Brush Pens, and acrylic paints to color the beautiful stamp.
9. Use Color Bloom Sprays to accent the colors in her hair and the tattoo on her arm. (I shook them up and then dipped my paintbrush in to the spray bottle directly.)
10. I used the same acrylic paints for the background for her hair to tie the background and the stamp together, creating a cohesive look.
11. Placing Jamie's Spark stencil (Item # 980399) over the image and using my finger and white acrylic paint I simply rubbed the paint through the areas I wanted the image (or stencil) to show through. Super easy!
Here are some close-ups:

And here's another!

The additional things that I did to finish the piece off were to add some distressing to the edges of the vellum cardstock prior to wrapping and adhering it to the back. I also added just a touch of Journey Glaze to her lips and to the heart on her face to make it "pop".

I had no idea that the orange of the background piece would look so amazing through the vellum and look almost like skin! When I chose the colors - I picked them because I like them. What a happy accident. :)

Here are the products I used from Prima:
Jamie Dougherty Bloom Girl Lacie #980320
Jamie Dougherty Spark Stencil #980399
Prima Art Basics Clear Gesso #961466
Prima Color Bloom Spray Storm Cloud #573768
Prima Color Bloom Spray Tangerine #573935
Prima Color Bloom Spray Soft Teal #573782

I hope that you enjoyed this little canvas today!


  1. Wow, that is a happy accident! I love this this came out and that stamp is beautiful!

  2. Wow, I totally thought you painted her skin like that! You are awesome and I wondered how you adhered the vellum without it buckling to the canvas - brilliant!

  3. What a happy accident indeed! Lovely work!

    The soft teal is such a gorgeous complement to the tangerine.

    Love it!

  4. Once again Lisa you nailed it!! Loving these stamps!!!

  5. Once more you have illustrated your creative brilliance! Wow!