Thursday, May 7, 2015

Turning Stamps into Art !!!

Hi Bloom fans, Milagros here with you today!  Only a few more days until Sunday when we celebrate Mother's Day.  Today I am sharing a sweet project you can make in time for Mother's Day, believe me it takes barely a couple of hours with stunning results, thanks to Jamie's awesome stamps!
Inspired in my mom's garden which gets visited by hummingbirds on a daily basis here's my project
You will need
Catrina, Mother and Anneli Stamps
I am sharing the full images just so it's easier for you to picture where I got my images from
Start by priming your canvas, I always begin with a coat of gesso
Stamp and roughly cut your images
Adhere them to your place of choosing with gel medium

now you are ready for some paint!
I am using Liquitex acrylic paints in different shades of blue and white

For my hummingbirds I chose a mix of watercolor pencils, acrylic and mica powders

For my roses I chose a couple of different reds and white to create depth and richness in my flowers

here's a closer look at my canvas

the hummingbirds sparkle with the gold, green and blue mica powders, just as they do in nature.
I hope you have enjoyed my project, that it has brought some last minute inspiration for your Mother's Day gifts.
Enjoy this weekend with Mom!
Supplies used
Catrina, Anneli and Mother stamps
canvas, paint and brushes
gel medium, gesso
Art Ingredients: mica powders in gold, green and blue

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