Monday, October 28, 2013

Art Doll Addiction

I think I have one... An art doll addiction. These little girls have consumed me lately. I love the personalities they take on and how crazy you can get with them :) Thinking up my third one now.

Here is the newest doll I finished up over the weekend. She is made out of paper clay and polymer clay. I hand painted her features using Golden Artist acrylics, her hair is made our of wool yarn, her trims I received from The Piece by Piece, and the flowers are by Prima Marketing.

She measures approx. 18"

She has a ghostly haze to her eyes and a broken heart.

Now onto the next one. 

Happy Creating

Jamie D


  1. She is beautiful and an absolute inspiration.

  2. Is your doll for sale. Im in love, she's beaitiful....

    1. Thank you!! Yes she is up for sale. She's $150.00 that includes standard shipping :) if you're interested you can email