Thursday, October 22, 2015

Catrina's time to shine!

Hey everybody where did the month go? OMG it's almost gone!!! Well I think it's time we dust ourselves this beautiful lady and bring her back out to celebrate All Hollows Eve and Dia de Los Muertos they are both pretty close to each other and Miss Catrina is our perfect Bloom Girl to helps us set the mood!
You know when you have an idea buzzing in your brain and you find what you're looking for? Well today I set up to find just that! Here's my finding and subsequent transformation!
I thought it would be the perfect size for my stamp but it was a tad smaller, no reason to stop!
I took my glass out and armed with StazOn I stamped my girl.
Next step in creating a faux stained glass effect was to trace the image using Pebeo Cerner Relief
Once traced leave it to dry. Of course I couldn't just sit and wait right!
I decided she would pop more if I painted the lantern black!
Looking perfect
Now to color it in I tried using a paint brush but the result was undesirable. I had a streak mark, not what I was going for!!! Then I remembered the needle applicators for Dina Wakleys acrylic paints and that was the perfect thing. It was like flooding a cookie with icing in between my " solder lines"! I've posted a video on my Twitter feed @paperboutiquesb that can show you how I did it. It's also on the FB page of the Bloom Girls
You can find another short video on faux soldering on my Instagram feed @milagroscrivera
For the lantern sides I had a little helper who got all excited when coming from school to find this project and begged me to help!
She's so intense, and yes you can totally engage your kids in helping you with this type of projects, and don't mind my mess, creative mind at work!

Time to enjoy my creation at home!
Here's the palette of colors I used just in case you are inspired to give it a go

Happy haunting my friends!!!



  1. you're so talented, inspiring and creative...God always bless you!!!

  2. Precioso... la verdad un trabajo lucido.

    1. Gracias Mariela que Bueno que te ha gustado!!

  3. What a beautiful lantern Milly! Beautiful job! You are a super bloom girl!

  4. Thank you so much Lydibel this was a fun project to work with!

  5. eres toda una artista!!!!
    me parece precioso tu proyecto! una idea muy original para personalizar cualquier objeto de cristal!
    un trabajo brillante!!

  6. Gracias Arantzazu espero te inspire en un próximo proyecto! Besos M

  7. This is just fabulous! Love love love it!